Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Ted Cruz Hates Everything Good: Including Net Neutrality

Ted Cruz is nothing if not consistent. Anything that might benefit the people while hurting his corporate sponsors is, of course, bad. Anything that borders too close to sanity or rationality is also generally considered bad. The fact that this right-wing lunatic is probably going to run for president should give people serious pause. He is a radical anti-government ideologue of hate that the press takes far too seriously, thus making his agenda seem serious and reasonable.

His latest parry is to attack Net Neutrality a day after President Obama began his offensive on the conservative-Congress-to-be by unveiling an aggressive plan to undermine attempts to create a fast lane for huge multinational corporations. Cruz’s response? The following Tweet: “’Net Neutrality’ is Obamacare for the Internet; the Internet should not operate at the speed of government.”

Of course, the Tweet makes little sense, either from the perspective of healthcare, the issue of Net Neutrality or of the analogy between them. But that matters little to a man who likes to stir up his Tea Party base and their rabid hatred of all things liberal (aka “government”). The reality is that one can actually get better Internet service more cheaply in Europe and Asia, where the government does intervene in the market, versus the U.S. – where monopolies charge exorbitant rates for subpar service. Hmm, actually that does sound a little like our healthcare system as well. Government can do good, particularly when we are talking about public goods like education, healthcare and, maybe today, the Internet. But that is a radical idea to an American conservative discourse that ignores reality whenever it involves an inconvenient truth.

Wake up America and smell the corporate-sponsored conservative movement trying to keep you angry and asleep to the truth!

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