Saturday, November 29, 2014

Immigration Reform Specifics

Obama has, as expected, announced his plans to unilaterally alter the nature of immigration in the country, allowing approximately 5 million current “illegal” residents to stay. The GOP is, of course, apoplectic and many Democrats are unhappy as well, with some upset he didn’t do it before this disastrous election and others wondering why he is doing it at all. But what does the bill entail? You can read a pretty good summary here or here, or check out the charts below. What we can arguably say is that this is long overdue. This country was built by immigrants who often came with nothing and made something of themselves. Just because the latest round of immigrants look different than those original Europeans doesn’t mean they shouldn’t have that same right to succeed. On the other hand, the bill also appears to try to do more to stem the tide of new immigrants, which probably makes sense given our current relatively high unemployment and economic malaise.

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