Wednesday, November 12, 2014

NRA and Corporate America

Given all of the shootings in recent years, including at an elementary school, of unarmed black youth and by a young girl of her instructor, one would think the NRA would soften their message a little to ensure they didn’t upset or alienate their base. One would be wrong: Daily Kos. In fact, it appears the base of the NRA is the same base that is indirectly supporting the agenda of Corporate America by electing the very obstructionists that are pissing off so many Americans to, well, get something done. How likely is it that they will? Listening to Rand Paul and Ted Cruz leads one to believe the answer is “when pigs fly.” Yet, looking a layer deeper into the NRA platform, I guess that is actually what they are shooting for – that nothing is done to make America safer for those of us who chose not to own guns and, based on statistics, those with them as well.

Of course, NRA Executive Vice President LaPierre has always been veracity-challenged when it comes to talking about America and its relationship to guns, but he was quite clear in this election in claiming America needed to be protected from ebola and ISIS by a GOP Congress. Now that he helped save us from those non-threats, he is already moving on to 2016, claiming on NRA’s Cam & Company on November 6: “"We've won the first half here of the game, but we won't win the battle until we win all the game and 2016 is a big deal. I mean if we end up with an anti-Second Amendment president in 2016, I mean all we've worked for in the last 30 years or our freedom since the founding of the country could be in jeopardy.” Thank God LaPierre and the NRA are saving Americans from undue sleep and the belief they can actually walk down the street without being shot by a crazed lunatic! Of course, it does seem rather convenient that all our religious and cultural fanatics always seem to align themselves with the interests of Corporate America, doesn't it? I'm sure it's a simple coincidence ...

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