Friday, November 14, 2014

Obama Gets to Work ... Why Now?

It is rather odd how active Obama has gotten since he lost the Senate. It's welcome, but one wishes he had pushed through more of these progressive reforms before the election, to counteract the GOP claiming he is somehow to blame for the "do nothing Congress." Just in the last week or so he has pledged to push through comprehensive immigration reform, has taken a firm stance in support of Net Neutrality and signed a dramatic carbon-emissions reduction agreement with China. The great irony of this Presidency, in the end, might be that, for all it's failures, it is still the most progressive since LBJ (certainly more so than Clinton and better by a Georgia-mile than Carter's one-term disaster that ushered in Reaganomics). But will these gestures be enough to stem the conservative tidal wave still destroying America one tree branch and tax break at a time ...

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