Friday, August 22, 2014

The Lunatics are Running the Asylum (Sarah Palin Style)

Sarah Palin just won’t go away, no matter what pesticides, IQ tests or calls to sanity are employed. In fact, she has now started her own member-supported Internet TV station. Subscribers can join the stations for only $99.95 a year, cheaper than even over the counter sleeping pills but more expensive that the mallet you could buy at the local hardware store to hit yourself on the head with repeatedly instead.

While I couldn’t bring myself to watch the piffle she was selling, Salon was nice enough to do it more me. Among the themes of this quintessential conservative “intellectual”’s show? Let’s take a quick look: 1. The Obama Administration Countdown: measured in days, hours, minutes and seconds, though Palin is, of course, one of the leading voices for a completely unwarranted impeachment, 2. Debt Clock: the numbers keep going up, scaring the bejesus out of people who have decided this arbitrary figure (which has actually grown much more slowly than under Bush – see post below) is more important than things like the unemployment rate, growing poverty or economic inequality in general, 3. Word of the Day: one assumes this is for the linguistically-challenged Palin more than her audience, though one assumes they could use the help as well, 4. Palin’s Rebuttal to Elizabeth Warren’s “11 Progressive Commandments:” among the brilliant intellectual Olympics is this response to Warren’s faith in science, “ “We believe in science and God’s magnificent creation overflowing with resources,” 5. Finally is her “25 impeachable offenses” that Obama is guilty of, with none actually related in any way to reality of that pesky constitution that continues to annoy conservatives.

I think one could justifiably argue that the “election” of George Bush was an affront to the country and its people, and certainly to our democracy (on several levels, including, of course, the fact he wasn’t even elected the first time around but anointed by the Supreme Court). The fact that McCain went a step further to select this raging buffoon to be his second in command only shows you how far the party has dropped in recent years. And yet it is plausible that this party of religious zealots, corporate lackeys, pathological liars, racists, sexists, fools and devil worshippers (at least Dick Cheney, in his narcissism) might actually control all three branches of government within two years. I’m not sure who’s worse, the party themselves or the people that actually vote for them …

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