Saturday, June 07, 2014

Right Wing Responds (to Obama Carbon-Emissions Reduction)

Not surprisingly, the right is not terribly happy about the new Obama plan to cut carbon emissions. While the plan might push up electric bills and cut profits in the short term, estimated to cost $8.8 billion annually in 2030, the climate and health benefits are estimated to between $55 and 93 billion in the same year. In other words, even if you don’t believe in global warming (in other words, you are insane), the plan will benefit the country both economically and ecologically – while improving the quality of life of citizens in those areas most heavily affected (like Kentucky and West Virginia). Of course, this didn’t stop conservatives from apoplectic burst of fury, aimed at any attempt to, you know, save the planet; or whatever. Here are some of the best (courtesy of Salon) 

Sen. Jim Inhofe from Oklahoma claimed this was part of “a green agenda that has been dreamed up by the environmentalist community for decades” before repeating the lie that even the EPA admits that greenhouse gases “do not cause direct adverse health effects.”

The Koch brother-funded, fossil fuel supporting Heartland Institute claimed, “Lives will be lost as people forgo heating and air conditioning in times of extreme cold or heat. All this loss for naught.”

A group called EPAFacts immediately ran a full-page ad in Politico Tuesday calling the EPA a “radical” organization that threatens “to shut down 25 percent of the electric grid.”As ThinkProgress points out, “is a site run by right-wing PR flack Rick Berman, which is “dedicated to exposing the EPA’s ‘agenda-driven science.’” Its other enlightened positions include the absurd claims that mercury pollution and smog are not harmful, and sunlight hitting wind turbines can cause seizures.

Senate Minority leader and persistent motley fool Mitch McConnell said in a press release: “Today’s announcement is a dagger in the heart of the American middle class.”

The House Committee on Science, Space and Technology headed by climate change denier Lamar Smith released the following statement: “Both the IPCC and the White House’s documents appear to be designed to spread fear and alarm and provide cover for previously determined government policies. The reports give the Obama Administration an excuse to control more of the lives of the American people. The IPCC’s goal is an international climate treaty that redistributes wealth among nations. The Administration’s goal is to impose greenhouse gas regulations, which will stifle economic growth and lead to hundreds of thousands of fewer jobs each year.”

Hmm, it appears fear and obstructionism have infected the Right once again. Hard to believe they don’t have a plan themselves, isn’t it?

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