Monday, June 23, 2014

Boy Sued for Bullying ... in 4th Grade!

That’s right, a fourth grader is being sued by the parents of another fourth grader for bullying: CNN. While we shouldn’t be surprised in the most litigious society in the world, the issue does bring up some interesting questions: 1) Why is bullying on the rise? 2) Does it have anything to do with the Internet, videogames and the general nature of communication today (talking at, rather than to one another) 3) Could this, in fact, be a signal of the rising tide of sociopathic tendencies in American culture? 4) Why have bullying reduction programs done so little to stem the tide of this growing problem? 5) Even as these parents will probably be lambasted by the media, particularly the far right variety, is it a clever strategy to push the parents of bullies to actually do something about their kid’s behavior? The reality is that many parents treat their children like little princes that can do no wrong. Why are they failing in school? Obviously, it is the teacher’s fault. Why are they not doing their homework? It must be that it is boring. Why are they bullying the next door neighbor? I’m sure he deserves it. It could be that the courts are the last bastion of protection for kids who suffer emotion, psychological and often physical effects as the result of these insidious youngsters. So rather than adding my voice to those who will mercilessly bully these parents, I say good for you. Maybe Dems should consider doing the same to the Koch brothers?  

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