Monday, June 30, 2014

Republican Crazy Keeps on Truckin'

When a political party sells radical ideas as normal, builds it’s movement around enmity toward all difference, sells white, Christian victimhood without any irony, feeds on fear and greed with reckless abandon, rejects modern science and thrives on absurd conspiracy theories, it’s little wonder they draw the interest of a odd cornucopia of lunatics. And thus one shouldn’t be too surprised to learn that a recent loser of a GOP primary, Timothy Ray Murray has claimed his opponent is a robotic avatar of the real incumbent, Frank Lucas (R-OK), and that he will thus contest the result he lost 82.8 to 5.2 percent (Daily Kos).

Murray contends that Lucas was executed three years ago and that the robot-look-alike has been sitting in his place ever since. Given the reality that some might then pull up an old playground retort, Murray decided to quell any fears he himself is a body double: “I, Timothy Ray Murray, am a human, born in Oklahoma, and obtained and continue to fully meet the requirements to serve as U.S. Representative when honored to so. I will never use a look alike to replace my (The Office’s) message to you or to anyone else, as both the other Republican Challengers have.”

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