Monday, October 03, 2016

Another Bad Week for Trump

Another bad week for Trump is in the books, but the current one is starting on an equally poor footing. After a debate performance to forget, unless you happen to exclusively watch Fox News, Trump decided to double down his attacks on a former beauty queen (WSJ). He followed this up with a rather desperate attempt to challenge Hillary Clinton for staying with her philandering husband (NYT). And that followed a week when he painted America in the most bleak tableau possible, decry the state of our economy, rampant violence (while not supporting gun control of any kind) and claiming blacks are in the worst shape they have “ever, ever, even” been (WP), even as he has run the most overtly racist campaign since Wallace in 1968.

In just the past few days, we have discovered that Trump may not have payed taxes for the past 20 years, after reporting almost a billion dollars in losses to the IRS in 1995 (The New Yorker). Some of his surrogates have now tried to claim him as a “genius” for avoiding taxes, but this does bring up the pesky issue of his rather poor business dealings in the past; beyond simply refusing to pay many of his contractors and employees. The most recent story comes from his hometown of New York, where the attorney general has demanded that he cease accepting donations for the Trump Foundation, which he hasn’t contributed a penny to since 2008, because they are not properly certifying those donations (WP). And just today, he told a group of military veterans that some members of the military develop mental health issues because they are not "strong" and "can't handle it” (WP).

So let’s connect the dots – draft dodger belittles injured war veterans, tax dodger refuses to come clean on his finances, philanderer attacks Clinton for not leaving her own philandering husband, sexist degrades beauty queen winner of his own competition and philanthropist who doesn’t contribute to his own Foundation. Well, that certainly sounds like a subset of hypocritical Americans currently living off the toil and hard work of others, but someone who can make America great again? Maybe a bit of a stretch …

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