Friday, January 30, 2015

Romney Still Confused About Who He Is

Mitt Romney has run for President in the last two cycles. The first time around he was beaten to the nomination by that irascible Senator from Arizona and then he was, of course, dispatched by a rather vulnerable looking President Obama. So one would not be remiss in thinking the New England billionaire would take the hint and retire into that dying light with his family and vast fortune to keep him company. One would be wrong. In fact, Mitt is back and ready to rebrand himself yet again! And what will he be this time around? Apparently an “authentic” guy. But as one of the greatest flip-floppers and, let’s be honest, liars in recent nominee history, I thought we might like to look up the word authentic. Here’s the definition from the trusty ole M&W online:

: real or genuine : not copied or false
: true and accurate
: made to be or look just like an original

Actually, maybe that third definition is perfect for a man that just can’t seem to decide who he is or what he believes. In his latest “You will love me, you will really love me” impression of a young Sally Field, Romney has decided he will now talk openly about his Mormon faith and try to pull the Bush trick of making himself seem like a “regular guy.” Given his ~ $250 million net worth, his 47 percent comment from a couple of years ago, the failed two runs and his general trouble with the truth, it seems unlikely people would fall for this latest flirtation. But then again, they did sort of elect that George Bush guy twice, so who knows.

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