Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Metaphors, Fox Style

Fox News has always had a troubling relationship to the truth. Now they have added a rather fascinating idea of appropriate metaphors. The case in point? Fox News host Kennedy Montgomery claimed that requiring companies to disclose CEO pay was like “slut shaming companies” (Salon). Actually maybe that’s an apt metaphor. Why should corporations have to tell their stockholders about their irresponsible behavior? Oh wait …

The exchange went as follows, “They are essentially trying to slut-shame companies into paying their highest workers less money,” Montgomery said. “And slut-shaming companies is not the job of the U.S. government at all,” Tantaros agreed. “Also,” she added, “the only people who should care about this are the shareholders at the company — otherwise, frankly, it’s none of the government’s business.” Could it be instead that with inequality at record levels, maybe the government, as the representative of the will of the people, should know where our money is going? Perish the thought!

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