Thursday, May 08, 2014

White Privilege Denier Hailed by Fox News

One of the nice things about being young is that you can generally say and do really stupid things without having to suffer the horrible consequences that are more common as we age. Or that’s how it used to be before the Internet, 24-hour news cycle and smart phones made anything and everything anyone ever said into a potentially huge story in the hyperreal spectacle. And so yet another college student has found himself at the center of a story about racism and race thinking, in this case Princeton freshman Tal Fortgang. Fortgang made news for writing an essay where he denied the existence of structural racism or white supremacy and claimed he would never apologize for white privilege.

The reality is that this is a young, privileged kid who has little experience in the world and has yet to explore that privilege inside or outside the classroom. Maybe he’s a future jerk in the making, but maybe he’s just a young kid whose lived a sheltered life around other privileged kids and adults. Maybe his parents are hardcore conservatives. Or maybe he’s emblematic of the new Ivy League pedigree – kids who aren’t necessarily brilliant, but do get really good grades, follow the rules and test well. The point is this really shouldn’t be news, should it?

Well, not according to Time magazine, who decided to publish the essay. Time and all of its dying print news brethren have been tacking right for many years now in a lame attempt to save themselves from their slow march towards irrelevance and then death. This, of course, caused a huge uproar across the twittersphere and social media, before quickly moving onto the mainstream media’s radar. And this is where Fox News stepped in, to cheer on yet another racist for taking on liberals and showing them the truth: Fox News.

I suppose the real morales of the story are one we’ve known for a long time: 1. If you want to be famous or infamous, forget having talent just say or write something that will piss off a lot of people, 2. Stupidity and naivety are admirable attributes in America, particularly for white males, 3. Fox News loves racism and racists almost as much as it hates taxes, anyone named Clinton and Obamacare and 4. Generation M might be actually be the Worst. Generation. Ever. (Newsroom Rant

P.S. The median age of Fox News viewers is currently 68!

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Anonymous said...

Before, we'd showcase these kids around the globe for changing the world and helping others and our own youth in America for pioneering technological advances and now we praise the new generation for being bluntly racist on television, merely for the spectacle. Sad times.