Wednesday, May 21, 2014

GOPer Wants to Reinstate Property Requirement to Vote

This is actually an oldie but goodie from two years ago, which might as well be a generation with the new 24/7 news cycle, but given the continued attempts by the right to lower voter participation among minorities and the poor – by reducing early voting days, attempting to reinstitute a poll tax in Georgia, instituting voter-ID requirements and other backhanded tomfoolery like phone calls telling voters they can vote on the weekend or including too few polling sites or ballots in congested urban centers – it seemed worthy of revisiting. While on the campaign trail in 2012, Representative Ted Yoyo (maybe the greatest political name of the young century so far) of Florida suggested that only property owners should be able to vote – a sensible strategy given the 10s of millions who lost their homes during the last financial crisis that resulted from conservative deregulation and Bush policies. Here is a clip of the speech …

Given the changing demographics and lack of a plan to deal with the declining standard of living for the majority of Americans and the overall increased in inequality in the country, the only viable alternative for the GOP is to play the negative attack game for as long as possible and then try to limit voting among those their policies, or inactivity, hurt the most. Luckily, the court has largely been siding with democracy so far, but one wonders how long that will last ... particularly given the right-leaning predilections of Federal judges these days. 

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