Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Vote Hillary!

There are many reasons to be cynical about this election and about America itself. Inequality has grown right alongside poverty and intolerance. And yet the birthplace of modern democracy can still be a beacon for democracy today. What tomorrow will decide is whether a message of hate, of fear, of intolerance and creeping fascism have an immediate future in our country.
Donald Trump stands for a return to the past with the flourishes of a hateful tomorrow. He stands for sexism, for racism, for xenophobia, for greedy billionaires that will somehow save us from other greedy billionaires, for hypercapitalists that continue to sell tax cuts as the route to our collective salvation, for a return to the failed economic policies of the 80s, for ignorance with arrogant flourishes, for a dictatorial and anti-democratic future and for an American driven by fear and cynicism over one driven by hope and community.

Hillary Clinton is far from the perfect candidate. She has been hounded by scandals since the 90s, even as most of those scandals have proven to be little more than red herrings from a party that long ago ran out of ideas on how to move the country forward. She is the wife of a president who abandoned his progressive roots at the first sign of unpopularity, who pushed an agenda that has done more to help Wall Street than Main Street and Corporate America more than the average citizen. She voted for the Iraq War and has shown a propensity to support and serve the very people and institutions that have fostered increased inequality and greed. And yet she is the only real choice among the two candidates with a realistic chance to be president.

Tomorrow is your chance to place a positive vote for a more tolerant and progressive future. To vote to place another crack in a glass ceiling that too often leaves the country in the hands of aging, white plutocrats steeped in visions of a past that left too many Americans behind. A chance to vote against the racism, fearmongering and negativity sold to us by a huckster with a rug on his head and coal in his stocking.

We are the architects of our collective future and it is our solemn right and obligation to make a choice that gives us the best chance at making that future bright. Vote Clinton to restore some semblance of reason to the American imaginary and set us on a course to a brighter, less divisive future!

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