Tuesday, June 21, 2016

iTrump No More; Facebook and Google Still On Board

Apple has decided to withdraw any support for the upcoming Republican Convention, citing Trump’s position on women, immigrants and minorities (Politico). While Apple is not a major political player in politics, they have provided some funding and technology to both Republican and Democratic conventions in the past. Their stance this cycle might also have something to do with Trump’s hardline condemnation of the company for their stance on encryption. Nonetheless, it is a bold move for the most valuable company in the world. Unfortunately, this ideological (or ethical) stance was not supported by Microsoft, Facebook or Google, who will all still provide equal support to both parties’ conventions.

The GOP convention will be held in Cleveland this summer, a city still celebrating their first championship since 1964 when the Cavaliers and LeBron James made history by ending one of the longest active droughts in the country. It was done in historic fashion, with James only the third player to register a triple double in an NBA championship Game 7, the Cavs becoming the first team ever to overcome a 3-1 deficit in the finals and James doing something even Michael Jordan never did (winning as an underdog in the final).

Cleveland is an interesting choice for the GOP, clearly intended to show that they are more sensitive to the interests and needs of minorities, with 53.3 percent of the population African American, another 10 percent Latino/a and only 37.3 percent white. With Trump at the virtual helm of the GOP ship, it is hard to see that strategy being terribly effective, with his harsh words likely to cause unrest and consternation among the denizens of this long-suffering American city. On the other hand, at least we can say that Trump more honestly represents the true spirit of the GOP regarding minorities and women.

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