Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Another Tax Cut for the Rich ...

I'm not sure this is what the American people had in mind when they voted in GOP majorities in both houses of Congress. The latest move is a bill H.R. 1105 to repeal the estate tax for millionaires and billionaires. This only affects households with $5.4 million or more in savings, the top 0.2%. Glad to see their answer to increasing inequality in the most unequal advanced economy in the world is to increase that inequality even more. The bill would cost the country $270 billion over the next ten years alone, providing more money for the scions of the wealthy, while cutting funding for programs that could give millions access to the fading American Dream. The good news is it should further undermine democracy as well, so we can ensure that the monied elite keep their power for the foreseeable future. Luckily it appears Obama will veto the bill, but one wonders if anyone in the GOP actually cares about the constituents they are elected to represent.  

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