Monday, February 16, 2015

Some Questions for the Climate Change Deniers

The tired debate on climate change continues on unabated by the ever growing body of evidence debunking it. The latest example? A recent study highlighted by Fox News and then Joanne Nova that climate change deniers are more likely to know the answer to a nine-question quiz on climatology, created by a Yale professor and answered by a sample of 2,000 respondents. But here are the questions global warming conspiracy theorists never seem to answer:

1. Why would all these Nobel Prize winning scientists lie?
2. Who benefits from this “conspiracy?”
3. How do you explain the rather obvious changes in the climate, including the fact the temperatures are rising dramatically in the Arctic?
4. Who benefits from continuing to argue about this “conspiracy?”
5. Who benefits if we continue to do nothing about climate change?
6. Who funds most of the research on this “conspiracy?”
7. Why hasn’t the mainstream media found any evidence of this conspiracy after all these years?

The only question I’ve seen answered with any level of scrutiny is #2, with the absurd claims about Wall Street organizing this whole thing for future carbon trading profits. While they did orchestrate one of the biggest scams in history, almost eliciting the collapse of the global economy in the process, while garnering record profits and bonuses, it was really their incompetence that was rewarded. How are they supposed to have convinced so many climatologists to go along with this epic scam, backed by pretty compelling scientific evidence. Last and maybe most importantly:

8. Even if this is all a scam, aren’t there other benefits to lowering our addiction to carbon-based fuels, that clearly pollute the air and cause all sorts of problem for human health (that are beyond question) and global geopolitics?

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