Sunday, December 28, 2014

Esquire Under-35 World Changers Includes Kim Kardashian

The old notion that youth is wasted on the young appears to be losing resonance in the contemporary world, where the young are succeeding across the cultural, political and particularly economic landscape. And so it makes sense for Esquire to finish the year with a 37 Under 35 “Who Are Reshaping the World” list. Among those included are Reddit cofounder Alexis Ohanian, online magazine Rookie founder and editor Tavi Gevinson (she is 18 and also acts), technological polyglot Sean Parker (Napster, Facebook, etc.), leaker Edward Snowden, Zuckerberg (of course), Jordi Muñoz who started the biggest commercial drone company in the U.S. at 23 and the highest paid black female musician of all times (Beyonce). These young people all seem worthy of praise for their incredible achievements and should serve as an inspiration to those leaving college with few prospects for a decent paying “regular” job.

But what about Kim Kardashian, arguably the worst, most undeserving celebrity in the entire world? Well, let’s see – she has a large tuckus, made a sex tape, has a lawyer father that helped O.J. get away with murder, had the most expensive wedding in history (that turned out to be a huge publicity stunt), was forgiven by her adoring fans, garnered six million viewers for her Keeping Up with the Kardasians wedding special as she tied the knot again, this time with Kanye, and started a mobile app “Kim Kardashian: Hollywood” that is expected to make $200 million. Sure she is a great self-promoter that has taken her wealth to become famous and earn a bunch more wealth, but does that make her someone that is “reshaping the world,” or simply someone that is taking advantage of our celebrity-obsessed, spectacle-tinted culture to further undermine the happiness of the average human being on the planet (by setting up absurd expectations and/or making your own life seem trivial by comparison)? I’ll leave that for you to decide …

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